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Apr 2013 - Technical Grading (Savate Boxe), Birmingham

On 7th April 2013 a training day and technical grading was held in Birmingham.

The following students passed their Blue Glove grading:
William Noble (London Savate)
Kypros Zenonos (Birmingham Savate)
Mate Plantek (CAMA)
Alain Renaud (London Savate)
Jules Bazley (London Savate)

Apr 2013 - Combat Training with Richard Aguenihnai

The GBSF Savate Boxe Squad and selected advanced students were very fortunate to spend the weekend of 19/20th April training under Richard Aguenihnai in the Maximus Boxing Gym, Frimley.

Apr 2013 - British Championships 2013 to be held on Sunday 30th June

The British Savate Assaut Championships will be held on Sunday, 30th June at Fight Science, Maida Gym in Aldershot. Register now!

Feb 2013 - Savate Combat in Beijing

Julie Gabriel (FISav President), and Laura Gilbert (DTN) travelled to Beijing in February 2013 for a martial arts gala event, which was televised to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
Savate Combat was showcased. Laura officiated, and refereed the female fight. Julie presented the awards. Julie Burton (France), won the women's savate event. Georgy Fernante, also of France, won the men's event.

Feb 2013 - The GBSF becomes a member of the Sport and Recreation Alliance

The Great Britain Savate Federation (GBSF) is now a member of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, Games and Sports division.


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