6th May 2017 - British Savate Assaut Championships 2017.
10th June 2017 - International Savate Open (Hosted by London Savate

Irish Savate Open 2016

In November, Savate Ireland welcomed members of London Savate, Oxford Savate, City Combat and Dorset Savate for the latest instalment of the Irish Savate Open. Once more, it was a warm and welcoming event with a great seminar on the Friday night followed by junior and senior fights filling the Saturday. There were 100 entries, from 4-year old novices to senior World Champions - a veritable feast of competitive engagement in a friendly atmosphere!

Two City Combat novices, competing for the first time, have written the following about this first opportunity to test themselves:

"I have never been to Ireland before. This competition was a brief chance to visit the country and test my kickboxing skills. I had a great time, and I will definitely enter more competitions in the future."
Dominic Frederick-Allen

"Landing in Ireland, I felt nervous and apprehensive for the day ahead. It turned out to be an amazing day, meeting so many different people with a passion for Savate. I watched some brilliant matches whist counting down to my own fight, such a great adrenaline rush! That 90 seconds felt like a whole training session using all the skills I have learnt in the training sessions. The experience was unforgettable and I very much look forward to the next one!"
Sarah Ellis


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