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Reports back from events and competitions hosted or attended by GBSF members

Bulgarian World Open 2014, Kranevo

Three fighters from Great Britain attended the Bulgarian World Open in Kranevo, near Varna, in August 2014.

James Southwood, George Bushaway and Sian-Marie Clark fought brilliantly, winning fights and engaging in the pre-competition seminars.

The sun, sea and sand certainly helped the competition to have a relaxed feel, with a poolside boxing ring to fight in! This was definitely a competition to remember and once more our athletes returned having met new people from a variety of countries and re-connected with international friends.


European Savate Combat Championships 2014

This year Great Britain was represented at the European Savate Combat Championships in Bugeat, France on June 13th and 14th. Sian-Marie Clark, fighting under 56kg, has been on the GB Assaut team since 2010 and decided this year to turn her hand (or, more appropriately, fist) to Combat Savate, the full contact side of the sport.

Budapest Open, Feb 2014

In February, six GBSF fighters from London Savate and CAMA travelled to Budapest to compete in the second Budapest Open, hoping to display once more the strengths of British Savate in the international arena.

Ten countries overall participated in the competition and seminars, which were hosted by Alain Tardits, Viktor Lováski and Hungarian Savate. The Friday night played host to international savateurs who were eager to learn from Alain, a seasoned fighter and instructor, who covered many aspects of movement and range control with an opponent.

Les Titis Parisiens, Jan 2013

by Morgan Alexander

Cannists Morgan Alexander, Stuart McIntyre and Merlin Hartley and translator Agnès Aubert travelled to a very snowy Paris in January this year to take part in the team event.

Champ du Monde Combat 2013, Clermont Ferrand

James Southwood reports.

Great Britain sent one fighter, one coach and one official to Clermont-Ferrand, France early in June 2013 to participate in the World Championship Eliminations 2013 in Savate Combat. Despite not winning his two poule matches on the first day, Judah Wheeler fought bravely against opponents of a high calibre. Jasbir Nagi displayed excellent refrereeing skills as the third man in the ring in some fast and furious bouts. My input, in contrast, was far easier as coach, cornerman and Head of Delegation.


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