6th May 2017 - British Savate Assaut Championships 2017.
10th June 2017 - International Savate Open (Hosted by London Savate


Reports back from events and competitions hosted or attended by GBSF members

Coup D'Opale 3rd Nov 2012

Six fighters from the GBSF competed in the Coup D'Opale in Calais on the 3rd November 2012. All won Assaut matches on the day and enjoyed the junior matches and Combats on show in the same meeting.

James Southwood reports

Halloweenturnier Competition, Germany, 27th Oct 2012

Sian-Marie Clark reports:

On 27th October 2012 three members of the GBSF ventured over to Schorndorf, Germany to the Halloweenturnier competition hosted by Savate-Club Buhlbronn e.V, led by Ari Papadopoulos. Judah Wheeler (M 85kg+), Tom Handley (M 75-80kg) and Siân-Marie Clark (F 52-56kg) all fought well, against a range of opponents from World Silver medallist to novices. Overall they won one Gold and two Silver medals!

Savate Assaut World Championships 2012, 31st Aug - 01st Sep

The GBSF sent a team of eight fighters, two coaches and two officials to compete in the World Championships in Savate Assaut, in Bulgaria. Morgan Alexander and James Antill won Bronze medals, and officials Jasbir Nagi and Carl Hamill were selected to officiate for the finals.

Canne de Combat World Championships 2012, 22nd-23rd Sept

The Equipe de Grande Bretagne consisted of fighters Jon West, Stuart McIntyre, Merlin Hartley and Morgan Alexander, and Official and team translator Agnes Aubert.

Jon West reports

At the ungodly hour of 5.30am Morgan Alexander (Mogs) and I caught the first of several trains from Cambridge for Nante, in the Loire Region of France.

British Savate Championships 2012: 8th July, Results

The British Savate Assaut Championships 2012 were held on Sunday 8th July at the iconic Maida Gym in Aldershot. Spectators witnessed a first class day of Savate Assaut action, including British Championship bouts and a full schedule of novice, international and non-title fights. We were especially pleased to welcome athletes from Ireland who competed in contests with British athletes. Bouts ran almost continuously from 11.30am to 6:00pm, with the only break being for an impressive display of Canne de Combat by Jon West and Morgan Alexander.


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