Savate Equipment

For Assaut.

Savate is a contact sport and therefore injuries can occur. To minimize the risk or injury the GBSF insist that all students competing in Savate events have a minimum standard of clothing and protection. A complete set of items required is given below (this constitutes a requirement for competitions and gradings, and are advised for any training session).

In the case of GBSF-sanctioned competitions please note that the Ring Delegate will check fighters’ clothing and equipment prior to each bout, to ensure that they comply with the rules and specifications for savate assaut competitions.The Ring Delegate may pass this responsibility to the referee.

It is suggested that competitors consult their instructor prior to an event if they are in any doubt about the validity of their kit.


Boots must protect the fighter’s own feet whilst being unlikely to cause injury by snagging on the opponents clothes, tearing or cutting an opponent, or by being excessively hard. Boots must therefore be free from jagged edges, with minimal tread and no protruding heel, have no buckles or sharp bits, metal eyelets, rutted soles or reinforced tips. Laces must be hidden or taped up. GBSF-recommended shoes are FISav-sanctioned Savate boots, but some boxing boots, squash shoes and indoor sports shoes may also be permitted.


Glove weights associated to categories are specified in the FISav Assaut rules.

< 60kg: 8oz gloves
60kg – 75kg:10oz gloves
75kg – 85kg:12oz gloves
> 85kg: 14oz gloves


– Mandatory: Upper gum shield, groin, chest (for ladies), soft shin pads. Groin protection must not cover the abdominal region.
– Optional: Head protection, double gum shield. Other protection may permitted at the discretion of the referee/DO upon presentation of a valid medical note to explain its purpose.
– All optional protection and shin pads must be soft and padded, e.g. no hard-exterior football shin pads.


Integrale (one- or two-piece) or suitable non-baggy sports attire (e.g. fitted t-shirt, fitted gym wear, shorts, leggings) is required. Clothing must be safe for both the fighter and their opponent, and thus clothing in which feet may become entangled or snagged will not be permitted.