Covid-19 Return to Play guidance for Savate – May 2021

There is no TL:DR summary for our Covid-19 return to play. In order to resume training safely, legally, and responsibly, you need to read this document and all the linked documents fully and carefully.

What this document covers:

The following is our best understanding of the steps you must take to return to training under government-issued guidance .It remains the responsibility of each club and instructor to ensure they are insured and following guidance legally. This document does not constitute legal advice.

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GBSF Celebrates its 23rd Birthday

Today, March 17th 2021, marks twenty-three years since the formation of the Great Britain Savate Federation. From the humble beginnings of six enthusiasts, the Federation has gone on to produce over a dozen well-established clubs, has consistently delivered International medals and continues to expand with the growing popularity of Savate and its associated disciplines.

Savate training in the UK dates back to the 70’s, with notable practitioners being Phil Reed and Richard Muggeridge.

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