Boxe-Savate Gradings

The GBSF Boxe-Savate Grading Syllabus provides a framework by which to assess the technical capacity of Boxe-Savate practitioners. It considers their ability to perform attacking, defending and counter-attacking techniques and to utilise them in the context of sparring. Grading opportunities are offered at events sanctioned by the GBSF, and gradings are assessed by a panel appropriate to the examination being undertaken.

View the current grading syllabus here.

The Stages of Technical Development
The grading consists of six learning levels, symbolised by coloured gloves. These fall conceptually into four categories indicating the level of progress of the student. The levels are Apprenticeship, Development, Control and Mastery. The glove colours in increasing order are blue, green, red, white, yellow and silver.

Every glove level examination can be graded at one of three degrees (first, second and third) which represent the level of technical ability acquired within the grade. The first degree corresponds to partial acquisition of the required technical skills. The second degree indicates that most of the required technical skills are present, and the third level is the complete acquisition of the required skills to pass the grade. With the exception of Silver Glove in which degrees are awarded as separate qualifications, it is necessary to achieve the third level before progressing to the next grade.

Each grading level has a theme by which the technical evaluation is guided.

Blue Glove. Striking: I touch without being touched
Green Glove. Blocking: I avoid being touched and touch in reply
Red Glove. Moving: I avoid being touched and reply on a different line
White Glove. Anticipating: I touch before I am touched
Yellow Glove. Feinting: I create an opportunity to touch
Silver Glove. Mastery: I have complete technical proficiency

The GBSF recognises and recommends Silver glove levels 1, 2 and 3 granted by FISav or the French Federation (F.F.S.B.F.&D.A.).

It is recommended that students in the Development period should attend judging and refereeing training, in order to enhance their understanding of the sport. Students holding the technical rank of Red Glove or over are entitled to apply for training to become an instructor.