COVID-19 rules and guidance, British Savate Assaut Senior Championships 2022.

COVID-19 cases in the UK are again at record levels. Martial arts events require close contact and entail a high risk of transmission. In order to run our Championships on 23/04/2022 responsibly, please consider your own vulnerability status, the risks to those around you, and follow the guidance below.

A.. You must NOT attend if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are testing positive.
B. You must NOT attend if you have had recent close contact with COVID-19 symptoms or a positive case.
C. It is strongly recommended that you take a lateral flow test before travelling, so that the procedure below may be easier followed with less chance of disruption to your day.

Arrival procedure:

1. Please wear a mask and go to the registration desk as a contact GROUP (that is, anyone you travelled with in close contact for extended periods, e.g. in same car or hotel room).

2. Then EITHER:
a) Present your NHS / EU COVID-19 passes OR proof of a recent (48hrs) negative lateral flow (antigen) test.
b) Take a lateral flow test which will be available freely at the desk. 
i) Please continue to wear a mask and wait as a GROUP in the foyer for 15min for the results. 
ii) If all GROUP result(s) are negative, proceed to 3. 
iii) If any result in a GROUP is positive, please continue to wear masks, do NOT enter the gymnasium. You are advised to return home and begin a 5-10-day isolation until you test negative. 
iv) NB If any result in a close-contact GROUP is positive, the whole GROUP is required to follow the procedure in (iii) above and will NOT be able to participate

3. Once either registered or tested, you may remove your masks and proceed into the gymnasium.

If you develop symptoms during the day, please wear a mask and tell an official immediately. If you develop symptoms in the 48 hours following the event, please get in touch to let us know.