How to join the GBSF

Savate is a fantastic sport for all ages, it is superb for competition, for fitness or fun and is a great addition to any martial arts or boxing school. The GBSF has many experienced instructors, medal-winning athletes and a calendar of training, grading and competitive fixtures. You can join the GBSF in two ways:

a) Affiliated Member Club
b) Individual Licensed Member (adult or junior)

Affiliated Member Clubs enjoy being part of the internationally recognised body for Savate in Great Britain. GBSF clubs have access to:

  • a group insurance policy
  • experienced trainers and athletes
  • structured grading material and support
  • national and international tournaments
  • friendly training days
  • a professional indemnity insurance scheme
  • CRB checks

Affiliation is just £36 per year. If you have a GBSF-recognised Savate instructor, affiliate online with us today. Otherwise, contact our instructor training panel to see how you could add Savate to what you do.

Individual Licensed Memberships are available from club instructors when you participate in regular training. Being a member gives you peace of mind with member-to-member insurance and allows to to compete at GBSF events, grade in the Savate coloured gloves system and represent GBSF abroad, if you are selected.