Apr 2013 – Technical Grading (Savate Boxe), Birmingham

On 7th April 2013 a training day and technical grading was held in Birmingham.

The following students passed their Blue Glove grading:
William Noble (London Savate)
Kypros Zenonos (Birmingham Savate)
Mate Plantek (CAMA)
Alain Renaud (London Savate)
Jules Bazley (London Savate)

The following students passed their Green Glove grading:
Nigel Tropman (Birmingham Savate)
Steve Maycock (Birmingham Savate)
Darren Whitmore (Birmingham Savate)
Sharmilee Vickneswaran (London Savate)
Jennifer Calvino (London Savate)
George Bushaway (London Savate)

Jasbir Nagi, James Southwood, Laura Gilbert, Morgan Alexander, James Antill, Rachel Shore, Sian-Marie Clark

With many thanks to Alain Jean-Baptise of Birmingham Savate for hosting this event, and to the many instructors without whom the day would not have been possible.