Brighton Savate Seminar and Open Competition

Brighton Savate is absolutely delighted to be putting on an event for the first time on England’s south coast on APRIL 7th-8th 2018.

The event begins on Saturday with a set of seminars, in which numerous French and European Champion Savateurs from France will be coming over to share their skills; alongside a team of instructors including newly crowned world champions Romain Falendry and Amine Feddal from Tolouse Multi-Boxe, ABC La Rochelle head coach Vincent Lesieur and head coach of Toronto Savate, Gabriel Solignac.

We are also very excited to have world champion of La Canne Nicole Holzmann sharing her amazing canne de combat skills with us. So it all promises to be an amazing seminar!

On the Sunday we shall be running a Savate Assaut Open, with junior (under 18 years) and senior categories. There will be fighters coming from various countries including France and Canada.

The seminar and competition are open to all GBSF members. If you are not a member then there is an additional charge of £5 to cover one year’s membership.


Please contact Sam Byford-Winter at with any questions.


The cost of the Seminar is £25 for GBSF members and £30 for non members.
The cost of the Open is £5 for Juniors and £10 for adults.

Please pay by paypal using the buttons below, and then complete your registration by emailing with your details as follows:

– For the Seminar: NAME, AGE

REGISTRATION CLOSES ON THURSDAY 29th MARCH. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept any participants for the Open or Seminar after this time.