Jimmy Coates: Savateur


Jimmy Coates seems like an ordinary boy, but he’s not. He’s genetically engineered to grow into the perfect assassin. Speed, strength and deadly instinct – it’s all in his blood. He has to fight not to kill… while his government fights to kill him.

When Joe Craig, author of the ‘Jimmy Coates’ thrillers for children, needed inspiration for new fight scenes in the latest instalment in the series, he remembered that someone he knew practised the French combat sport called Savate. After a quick run down of the French fighting terminology from GBSF President James Southwood, plus a real-life training session, Joe was equipped to give Jimmy Coates a new dimension to his combat persona.

“In JIMMY COATES: BLACKOUT, Jimmy’s assassin abilities develop to include the skills of La Savate. His instincts are taking over quickly. Sometimes they keep him safe, sometimes they come in a wave of darkness that Jimmy can’t control.”

– ““What was that?” the man gasped, rolling on the floor and clutching his knee. Jimmy was already sprinting away, but he heard the answer flashing through his head: that was a fouette. How did he know that? That swift kick was a move he hadn’t used before, but its devastating effect was obvious.

– “Jimmy twisted in the air and used the body of the guard as his own bouncy castle to get back to his feet. The spirit of La Savate combat was surging through him again. He took down the second man with a coup de pied bas – a low kick with the arch of his foot that swept his opponent away at the knee. The guard crumpled and fell on top of his partner.

– “At the edge of the square he glanced back and saw more men and women in high-visibility jackets making sure there the brief eruption of violence was definitely over. Jimmy crouched in the darkness of a doorway. La Savate combat technique, he thought to himself, stretching his limbs. I like it.”

“I am delighted that Jimmy Coates is bringing Savate to a whole new audience.” says James Southwood “and hope that some of them will be motivated to take up this excellent combat sport for real.” “Joe Craig happened to be natural when he learnt some Savate moves from me I hope his fans know that he is a mean fighter as well as a writer.”

For more information about Savate, contact the Great Britain Savate Federation at www.savate.org.uk and for Jimmy Coates visit www.jimmycoates.com