Regulations – British Championships 2015

Great Britain Savate Federation
British Savate Assaut Championships 2015
4th July 2015
Broadwater School, Summer’s Rd, Godalming GU7 3BW


9:00am – Arrivals
9:30am – Weigh-in opens
10:30am – Weigh-in closes
11:00am – Fights start
6:00pm – Fights finish
Barbecue and social afterwards

– Athletes must hold a valid GBSF licence, purchased from a GBSF member club or, exceptionally, on the day.
– Registration closes at midnight on 26th June 2015.
– No registrations will be accepted on the day.
– The fee for each athlete is £15 in advance before midnight on 31st May 2015. Then the fee then rises to £20 until midnight on 26th June 2015, whereupon registration closes.
– Athletes who also assist as officials will receive a £5 discount on their entry fee.
– Spectator tickets are £5.

– Registration must be made online by each athlete or their coach individually at in advance.

Categories contested
– Men: -56kg, 56-60kg, 60-65kg, 65-70kg, 70-75kg, 75-80kg, 80-85kg, 85kg+
– Women: -48kg, 48-52kg, 52-56kg, 56-60kg, 60-65kg, 65-70kg, 70-75kg, 75kg+
– Seniors (18-35 years) and veterans (35+) will compete in the same category.
– Juniors (under 18) will compete separately, unless they request otherwise.

– Athletes must be in possession of equipment in accordance with the GBSF Kit requirements available to view at . Kit will be checked before each fight and the decision of the DO is final.
– Athletes with substandard kit will not be allowed to compete.

– The weigh in will be open from 09:30am-10:30am on the morning of the Championships.
– Athletes can have three attempts within this time to ‘make the weight’ by dropping weight, but may not weigh into heavier categories on subsequent attempts.
– Athletes MUST weigh in to the category for which they were entered. There is no guarantee that athletes will be able to compete if they fail to ‘make weight’ at the third attempt.

Order of play
– Bouts will consist of 3 x 1.5 minute rounds, with 1 minute rest between rounds.
– For categories with large numbers of athletes, a pool system may be used. For smaller numbers, a round robin system may be used.

– To fight for a title in the Championships, athletes must hold a UK passport or be permanently resident in Great Britain.
– For athletes competing in the Championships, winning a category confers the title of ‘British Savate Assaut Champion 2015′.
– To assume a title, an athlete must win at least one bout against another bone fide Championship athlete.

Claims about decisions
– An athlete’s corner may lodge a formal claim against a decision to the DO within 15 minutes of the end of the fight. For the claim to be taken into account, it must concern only a breach of rules, and not merely protest the judges’ decision. The DO’s ruling on appeals is final.

– The FIS Refereeing Rules for Savate Assaut on mats will be enforced.

– Officials (judges, timekeepers, referees) will be drawn from a list of GBSF or internationally qualified officials. All official matters and responsibilities are overseen by the Delegate Official (DO) who has the final say in all matters relating to arbitration.
– Officials who are also athletes will be assigned to a rota system and will be under the instruction of the DO for given periods of the event, and released to their athletic responsibilities for other periods.