Les Titis Parisiens, Jan 2013

by Morgan Alexander

Cannists Morgan Alexander, Stuart McIntyre and Merlin Hartley and translator Agnès Aubert travelled to a very snowy Paris in January this year to take part in the team event.

“We had a great time in Paris with a fantastic and friendly atmosphere both during the competition and over the whole weekend. The fights were well organised and there was a high level of sportsmanship, as well as the opportunity to watch and to fight against top tier cannists. Accomodation was found for GB fighters by a very obliging friend of the Paris club; and we had sightseeing and meals in Paris with other competitors and the friends we have in the sport.” — Stuart

“From a spectator’s point of view, the Titis Parisiens is unique and interesting because of its tag team format. You could see a variety of styles and tactics. Because it was a relaxed atmosphere, it was obvious that there was a great camaraderie, not just inside each team but between the competitors, the organisers and their entourage, both during the bouts and when socialising. The Titis were an inclusive event: a joyful mix of genders, ages, skills and nationalities. Fair-play, fun play, and fun to watch!” — Agnès

Official grading opportunities were made available and all who put themselves forward were passed by an impressed judging panel.

The event was also used to test out a new method of judging. Normally flags are used by the officials to award a scoring strike to the cannist, on this occasion though a ticker tally system was in place. Views on this method were openly discussed will be taken forward before plans are made to alter the current system.

As with every year that we have attended this event much experience was gained and great fun had by all. This is a fantastic event for all levels to take part in and we hope to take more athletes with us in the coming years.