GBSF AGM – Sunday 31st January 2 – 3pm, 2020 – 2021

The GBSF are pleased to invite you to this year’s AGM of the GBSF. We realise that this year has been exceptional and due to restrictions training, events and our general lives have not gone ahead as planned. However, we hope this will be a chance for Savateurs across GB to get together and discuss how we’ll progress in 2021.

The AGM is open to all members of the GBSF. Any instructors or students who would like to come along to the AGM are more than welcome.

Call for proposals

We invite you to submit proposals for the meeting by Sunday 15th December, so that an agenda can be prepared and circulated a month before the meeting.  
Proposals should be brief (usually no more than two paragraphs) and specific. They cover areas in which you would like us to take action. If you have several unrelated suggestions please make them in separate proposals. If you have any agenda points that don’t lend themselves to a formal proposal, but that you would like to be considered for discussion, please let me know.  Proposals and discussion points will be included in the agenda for either the AGM or Executive Committee meeting based on their content.

Election Nominations

This year is time for election of our Executive and Non-Executive committee members. If you wish to put yourself forward for a role, please submit your nomination and a supporting statement by Sunday 15th December to be circulated prior to the meeting. These roles can be filled by any GBSF member (instructor status is not a requirement).  It is acceptable to stand for and hold more than one role simultaneously, with the exception of president who may hold only that post. Non-mandatory non-Executive posts will be discussed and may also be elected during the AGM.
We encourage members to stand for any roles you are interested in filling – please see below for a list. 

Mandatory Posts:

Executive (to number 10 individuals, made up by minimum 2 ordinary members):
Vice President
General Secretary
Director of Technique (DTN)
Director of Arbitrage (DAN)
Director of Teams and Competitions (DEN)
Director of Juniors (DJN)
Director of Associated Disciplines (DDAN)
Ordinary Members

Membership Secretary
Anti-Doping Officer
Child Protection and Welfare Officer

OPTIONAL NON-EXECUTIVE POSTS (to be finalised in the meeting):
Adjunct Director of Technique
Director of Canne de Combat
Head of Media and Technology

If there is another optional non-exec post you think should exist or you wish to stand for please let us know

To put yourself forwards for any of the roles above, please submit your nomination and a supporting statement to prior to 15th December.