Results of the Savate Assaut and Canne de Combat Senior Championships 2019

Another storming British Championship (Seniors) was hosted by Guildford Savate once again. For the first time cannists competed alongside the savate assaut championship, putting on a spectacular display of skill and sportsmanship. The standard was high as ever, and the day seemed to be enjoyed by all. Our 2019 Champions are:

Canne de Combat:

Female Champion: Morgan Alexander
Female Vice-Champion: Anna Makinen
Male Champion: Stuart McIntyre
Male Vice-Champion: James Blackman

Savate Assaut:

Champion: Alyson Sinyard
Vice-Champion: Louisa Furniss

Champion: Delphine Fremondeau
Vice-Champion: Laura Gilbert

Champion: James Plaistowe
Vice-Champion: Peter Walsh

Champion: James Southwood
Vice-Champion: Charlie Howes

Champion: Jasbir Nagi
Vice-Champion: Jay Hearn

Champion: Tom Handley
Vice-Champion: Judah Wheeler

Many thanks to all of our dedicated officials, without whom the day could not go ahead. Special mention goes to Sian-Marie Frosini, our dedicated and hard working DO for the day, and Thomas Horstemeyer and Jon West who ran the Canne de Combat officials team.