Results of the Senior and Junior Savate Assaut Championships 2018

Held at Broadwater School on 12th May 2018, this was our first official Savate Assaut Junior Championship! It was a very exciting day with nearly 100 fighters in total, 3 rings and a film crew. We saw some terrific new talent, especially amongst the juniors, and awarded the first annual Phil Read Trophy for best junior (given in memory of GBSF founder Phil Read, who sadly passed away last year).


Female 48-52kg: Champion Alice Zebboudj, Vice-Champion Ally Sinyard

Female 60-65kg: Champion Sian-Marie Frosini, Vice-Champion Olivia McCabe

Female 70-75kg: Champion Christina Saunders, Vice-Champion Isabelle Froggatt

Male 60-65kg: Champion Graham Ochiltree, Vice-Champion James Plaistowe

Male 65-70kg: Champion Finn Hayes, Vice-Champion Jed Dussek

Male 70-75kg: Champion James Antill, Vice-Champion Charlie Howes

Male 75-80kg: Champion James Southwood, Vice-Champion Jasbir Nagi

Male 80-65kg: Champion Judah Wheeler, Vice-Champion Sam Byford-Winter

Male 85kg+: Champion Tom Handley, Vice-Champion Maurice McCormick


Female 5-7yr <24kg: Champion Georgia Smith, Vice-Champion Rebecca Coyle

Female 5-10yr 27-36kg: Champion Katie Reilly, Vice-Champion Sophie Reilly

Female 8-10yr, 39-45 kg: Champion Caitlin Dunlop, Vice Champion Amina Miah

Male 5-7yr <24 kg Champion Jay O’Hare, Vice-Champion Mason Matheson

Male 5-6yr 24-27kg Champion Keiran Leneghan, Vice-Champion Max McCormick

Male 8-10yr, 24-30kg Champion Jake Kearney, Vice-Champion Jack Coyle

Male 8-10yr, 33-36kg Champion Ryan McCourt, Vice-Champion Oran Denvir

Male 8-13yr, 36-45kg Champion Corey McCulloch, Vice-Champion Oisin Morgan

Male 11-15yr, 45-56kg Champion Darryll Walker, Vice-Champion Lee Curtis

Male 14-17yr, 70-75kg Champion Jed Dussek, Vice-Champion Charlie Bird

Highly Commended: Theo Pottier and Ubaid Raja