How to join

If you or your club would like to start offering Savate, consider qualifying and affiliating with us.

Why Savate?

Savate is a dynamic punch and kick sport, a method of self-defence, a fitness activity, and a weapon fighting art with historic roots. Savate is suited to all ages and practised around the world.

What is GBSF?

The Great Britain Savate Federation was founded in 1998 and is recognised by the international Savate federation (FISav) as the national governing body for Savate in the UK.

What we offer

  • Instructor training.
  • Savate grading syllabus.
  • Domestic competitions.
  • Judge and referee training.
  • International representation.
  • Group insurance cover.
  • Access to world and continental championships.

What you need

Affiliated clubs need to have at least one recognised GBSF-qualified instructor and agree to be bound by our Code of Conduct, Constitution, and other relevant policies.

Please get in touch to discuss pathways to joining or converting your existing qualifications